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Hidan no Aria AA - Anime Cover


English Subbed
A young girl idolizes the world-renowned S-ranked butei Kanzaki H. Aria and plans to follow in her footsteps; however, her test grades turn out as only an E-rank! All is not lost, however, as Aria agrees to give her some pointers. Can Aria help this newcomer become a first-rate butei?
Valkyrie Drive Mermaid - Anime Cover

ヴァルキリードライヴ マーメイド

English Subbed
The "beautiful girl sexy battle action" anime is set on five artificial islands. Mamori is a "mermaid" transferred to one of those islands. When Mamori is attacked, a newly transferred girl named Mirei saves her. The enemy doesnt stop, however, and the two are soon cornered. Just when they think all hope is lost, Mirei kisses Mamori, and Mamori turns into...
Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] 果つることなき未来ヨリ

Just as Mimori Ichirou, a non-commissioned officer serving as a Zero fighter pilot during the Pacific War, was about to launch a kamikaze attack against an enemy warship, he instead found himself crash-landing in the middle of an unfamiliar desert. However, before he could perish from aimlessly wandering the sand-covered wastes, he was saved by a princess...
Boku wa Kimi dake wo Mitsumeru -I Gaze at Only You - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] 僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you~

The protagonist Sahara Takumi was feared as the leader of the juvenile gangster group “Sabre-tooth Tiger”. Some people in the underworld even called him devil’s incarnate, and so far the police has been unable to capture him.Then suddenly two of his best friends are killed by an assassin employed by the mafia. The event marked the downfall of...
Magical Dears - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] マジカル☆ディアーズ

During the current age of science, magicians don’t exist except in fairy tales. It is not for another 20 plus years before their existence became known. No one believed in them at first, then when it was shown that magic does actually exist, magicians were viewed with disdain from the public. However, it was thought that no one could defeat them. The...
Fall in Love x 4 Tune - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] フォーリンラブ×4tune

The goddess of love shot her arrows at Keisuke, who was connected by four strings of fate. They hit the demon Meira, his imouto Kotone, his osananajimi Tsumugi, and the goddess Karen herself. With their attacks on him day by day, who will he end up choosing? Or could it end up as a harem life?
Kimi no Tonari de Koishiteru! -The Respective Happiness - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] キミのとなりで恋してる! ~ The Respective Happiness ~

This is the fandisc for Kimi no Tonari de Koishiteru. It’ll contain various after stories of Akito and the main heroines from the original game, Nagisa, Rina, and Ryouka. And there’s also the latter’s sister who make her appearance.
Tincle  Twinkle Festival! - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] ちんくる★ツインクル フェスティバル!

The St. Maradonna Girls School has a long unbroken tradition that originates from early back in the Showa Era. Once a year they hold a festival in school, one that should never be made public to the outside world. The festival is all about a secret ritual to bless the students with many children in their futures.The one with the best grades would be...
Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter - Anime Cover


English Subbed
In 21st century Japan, cars with artificial intelligence for increased safety, known as "A.I. cars," have revolutionized the car industry. Special schools teaching children driving A.I. cars have been established. One day, Kakeru Todoroki, a fifth grader of Arcadia Academy, was summoned by the school principal and given an A.I. car "to save the humanity...
Yuru Yuri San-Hai! - Anime Cover

ゆるゆり さん☆ハイ!

English Subbed
Third season of Yuru Yuri.
Osomatsu-san - Anime Cover


English Subbed
A wacky comedy about identical sextuplets.
Ani Tore! EX - Anime Cover


English Subbed
"Move your soul and body!" Each episode contains a variety of routines, such as push-ups, sit-ups, spine twists, dance, yoga, stretches, trunk training, and taichi. Five girls aiming to become idols will exercise with you, and that troubling body fat percentage will go down by 1000%...!?
JK Meshi! - Anime Cover


English Subbed
Three high school girls (joshikousei) explore cooking.
High School Star Musical - Anime Cover


English Subbed
The story involves a group of high school students at Ayana Academy, a school with music as its main focus. A trio of students are called Hanasakura-kai, designating the most talented from the music department. To get in, individuals must enter through a Star Frame class. The series tells the story of Yuuta Hoshiya, Tooru Nayuki, Kaito Tsukikage, Shou...
Diamond no Ace Second Season - Anime Cover

ダイヤのA[エース]~Second Season~

English Subbed
Second season of Diamond no Ace.
Naderebo! - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] ナデレボ!

Itsuki is a kind person who would not be able to turn down a request for help. One day, he found out about his classmate Rushia’s secret. She is called the most refined, beautiful and intelligent Yamato Nadeshiko in the school, but she is actually a foreigner with exactly the opposite personality!? Her brother Isaac asked him to advise her on how to...
Schwarzesmarken - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] シュヴァルツェスマーケン

The story follows the East German Army's 666th TSF Squadron in its battles and political conflicts during the BETA's westward push in 1983.The East German Army 666th TSF Squadron "Schwarzesmarken" (Black Marks) are a special-forces unit tasked with assaulting BETA forces through unconventional tactics; specifically, they target Lux and Magnus...
Harami Tama - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] ハラミタマ

Protagonist Kamo Yuki is a very usual student a certain day, he has a strange dream of walking in the unknown land with the fox of mask that manipulates the human speech. And when waking up, similarly there is a fox that speaks the human speech, it is invited to the place looking just like the scenery that saw in a dream.There very much, Kokonoe Seika of...
M Rear -Ore ga Do M ni Natta no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] えむリア!~俺がドMになったのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い~

Shinji has a fetish for being treated coldly and violently by women. Because of his masochism, he hasn’t been able to get a girlfriend at all. However, a new transfer student Nozomi came into Shinji’s gloomy days, and he fell in love with her at first sight.But even if he was to confess, she would most likely hate him if she finds out about his...
Samidare Growing Up! - Hentai Games Cover

[151127] さみだれグローインアップ!

Kiriha is recognized by all students of the school by her gallant manners and her dignified personality. Naturally the protagonist is also one of said students while his childhood friend says that Kiriha is simply putting up a front and that it’s all fake.And true enough, once Kiriha gets involved with the protagonist and his group of friends she falls...