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Diamond no Ace Second Season - Anime Cover

ダイヤのA[エース]~Second Season~

English Subbed
Second season of Diamond no Ace.
Trippers -Kanojo to no Gakuen Seikatsu wo Hakai Suru Ittsuu no Tegami - Hentai Games Cover

[150424] Trippers. -彼女との学園生活を破壊する、1通の手紙-

An innocent couple of having begun just to associate, Mochida Eiichi and Tsukimura Kaede. Having entered the same librarian association is an acquaintance in the edge, it confesses from Kaede while deepening relations. Eiichi accepts it and became a pair of lovers.However one day an email to threaten such relation arrives. [If wanting no distribution of...
Ghost in the Shell Arise - Alternative Architecture - Anime Cover


English Subbed
TV series for Ghost in the Shell: Arise.
Tribe Cool Crew - Anime Cover


English Subbed
The protagonist Haneru is a middle school student who loves dancing. He cant sit still, as he even feels the rhythm of the sound of chalk in class. One day after school, Haneru Hiryuu meets Kanon who is practicing dancing at a secret training facility. The two know the joy of dancing together with others for the first time and the happiness of seeing...
Yobai Suru Shichinin no Harame 02 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150320] 夜這いする七人の孕女 下巻 当主の花嫁

English Subbed
Because sickly Asuka the day when it goes to school is few the friend is not so much, it was often alone. Moreover, it is made hearing Masaya from my poor father always, it looked forward to the day when it was able to meet the elder brother Masaya of the ideal.It meets Masaya now, Asuka was pleased with the elder brother of ideal that she had imagined....
Sei Yariman Sisters Pakopako Nikki The Animation 01 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150327] 聖ヤリマンシスターズ☆パコパコ日記 THE ANIMATION

English Subbed
By family matters Kenta will freeload to relative's house, reunion after a long time was restless. With a masculine Saki elder sister and Maki elder sister who seems to be girl. A twin beautiful woman cousin younger sister who had admired before, living in the house.And freeloader first day, white girl and black girl sisters for the Elder sister who...
Lovely x Cation The Animation 01 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150327] LOVELY×CATION THE ANIMATION #1「もうずっと初恋の日々」

English Subbed
[Refreshing idol in school]Because of rain that began to be gotten off while two people are leaving school, it enters telephone BOX with her for sheltering. Though it stays in the tight space each other, Yuni is relations of the temporary lover done together... Whenever casual memories spent together increase, it becomes impossible to endure it is not...
Eromame 02 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150327] えろまめ 2

English Subbed
[Himeno ichaero hypnosis pervert volume]Junichi's childhood friend Himeno is the super-popular idol. To Himeno seeming to worry of something recently, junichi to hypnotizing and finding out the reason by questioning. Himeno in the hypnotic state a shy usual character, the desire to Junichi is all exposed, the penis is loved though it is an idol, it...
Demonion Gaiden 02 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150327] デモニオン ~外伝~ 後編

English Subbed
A huge magic formation floats on the sky and it blinks unnaturally. In the magic formation, Jiriora with the grudge in human, to swear fidelity the body is dedicated to Astaroth. Jiriora wants to run away from the place to which agony expression is seen, to feeling responsibility also of misuka and dedicating the body.Himika and Oboro, the appearance to...
Grisaia no Rakuen - Anime Cover


English Subbed
The story picks up immediately after the events of Grisaia no Meikyuu, with Kazami Yuuji having been detained for suspected involvement with an international terrorist organization, lead by Heath Oslo, that has managed to enter Japans borders with a devastating new weapon of mass destruction in hand. Meanwhile, at Mihama Academy, the remaining students...
Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches - Anime Cover


English Subbed
Ryuu Yamada is known as a delinquent in his high school; he has been bored of classes after one year of attending school. One day, he accidentally falls from a flight of stairs onto Urara Shiraishi, the ace student of the school. Yamada wakes up to find that he has swapped bodies with her! The two try to reverse the change and discover that kissing...
Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic - Anime Cover


English Subbed
Second season of Kiniro Mosaic.
Owari no Seraph - Anime Cover


English Subbed
One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the worlds dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires. Even in captivity, Yuuichirou...
Show By Rock!! - Anime Cover


English Subbed
Metropolis of music, MIDICITY. A kitty girl wearing gothic lolita clothing named Cyan is scouted by Maple Arisugawa, the president of a music agency. From there, she meets Chuchu (a pun off of the sound that rabbits make) the honor student rabbit girl, a net geek dog girl named Retoree (from "Retriever"), and an alien sheep (?) girl named Moa. Together,...
Baby Steps 2 - Anime Cover

ベイビーステップ 第2シリーズ

English Subbed
Second season of Baby Steps series.
High School DxD BorN - Anime Cover

ハイスクールD×D BorN

English Subbed
The third season of High School DxD based on the light novel series by Ichiei Ishibumi.
Arslan Senki - Anime Cover


English Subbed
In the prosperous kingdom of Pars lies the Royal Capital of Ecbatana, a city of splendor and wonder, ruled by the undefeated and fearsome King Andragoras. Arslan is the young and curious prince of Pars who, despite his best efforts, doesnt seem to have what it takes to be a proper king like his father.At the age of 14, Arslan goes to his first battle and...
Joshikousei no Koshitsuki 06 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150424] 女子校生の腰つき 演劇部編

To the drama club to which Ami and Mia belong, there is a practice called "Fascinating technique" that has been done since the foundation time. Because two or more men and womens do the sex act in the same place, it sees nothing but to the promiscuous sex when seeing from the outsider. it is an effective practice though said the purpose is to acquire...
Junai Maniac 01 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150417] 純愛まにあっく 1 ~Pure Love Maniac~

English Subbed
[June Princess]Miss tsundere Himeko, the pubescence wanting to stretch oneself for a moment. It puts away without forgetting the promise to have exchanged ten years ago and kept it carefully for the first time. All are first experiences. Kiss favorite. Like to hold it in the mouth. Like to be put. However the one which really love...[Romance filter]To...
Fukubiki! Triangle Futaba wa Atafuta 01 - Hentai Movies Cover

[150327] ふくびき!トライアングル~双葉はあたふた~◆~ 「小悪魔イタズラっ娘の壁ドン哀歌◆」

English Subbed
Are you energetic? Futaba is indecent. It goes into recently. Banging on the wall. Though it captures if it is urged in that way... Dehehee, it is nice. It approaches forcibly... Such, unpleasantness, Futaba... in a place like this. Dehehehhehehe... impossibility, in good-for-nothing senpai.However, lifesaver in such Futaba. Medicine shared from friend...