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Amagami SS


Amagami SS thumb 0 Amagami SS thumb 1 Amagami SS thumb 2
Two years ago, Tachibana Junichi got his heart broken by a girl who didnt show up for a date on Christmas Eve. Now a second year student in high school, Junichi spends his days inside his closet planetarium, going to school and hanging out with his friends Tanamachi Kaoru and Umehara Masayoshi.

After a chance encounter with one of the most beautiful girls in school, the third year student Morishima Haruka, Junichi finds himself spending time with her, carrying books for her or having her unexpectedly jump on his back and act as shes a jockey and hes her horse. Soon enough, Junichi becomes romantically interested in Haruka which leads to...

Amagami SS is based on a PS2 dating game featuring six different girls. The story of the anime will be arranged in an omnibus format, with each heroine getting her own version of the story animated. Each heroine will sing her own version of the ending theme song.
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Amagami SS - 01
225.55 MB
Amagami SS - 02
232.85 MB
Amagami SS - 03
212.24 MB
Amagami SS - 04
193.19 MB
Amagami SS - 05
217.23 MB
Amagami SS - 06
188.09 MB
Amagami SS - 07
201.33 MB
Amagami SS - 08
220.46 MB
Amagami SS - 09
232.32 MB
Amagami SS - 10
243.74 MB
Amagami SS - 11
244.08 MB
Amagami SS - 12
218.43 MB
Amagami SS - 13
219.28 MB
Amagami SS - 14
204.49 MB
Amagami SS - 15
226.03 MB
Amagami SS - 16
212.46 MB
Amagami SS - 17
222.14 MB
Amagami SS - 18
304.1 MB
Amagami SS - 19
273.16 MB
Amagami SS - 20
198.85 MB
Amagami SS - 21
216.5 MB
Amagami SS - 22
216.3 MB
Amagami SS - 23
227.04 MB
Amagami SS - 24
223.08 MB
Amagami SS - 25
201.32 MB
Amagami SS - 26
242.94 MB
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Rating  9.9/10 (16)
Romaji: Amagami SS
Japanese: アマガミSS
Release: 01.07.2010
Type: TV
Episodes: 25
Views: 9696
Genre all rights reserved
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