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Aquarion Evol


Aquarion Evol thumb 0 Aquarion Evol thumb 1 Aquarion Evol thumb 2
The story will take place 12,000 years after the first Aquarion television series at a city modeled after Hong Kong. A new cast of characters, piloting a new Aquarion robot, will fight enemies from another dimension. ...Write Description
Preview Trailer
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Anime Download
Aquarion EVOL - 01
666.62 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 03
371.81 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 04
414.97 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 05
347.09 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 06
348.4 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 07
373.94 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 08
324.34 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 09
355.32 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 10
272.41 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 11
341.22 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 12
262.63 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 13
387.9 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 14
305.99 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 15
306.71 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 16
364.57 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 17
342.43 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 18
315.47 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 19
287.07 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 20
319.94 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 21
338.5 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 22
443.72 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 23
510.76 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 24
355.26 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 25
365.31 MB
Aquarion EVOL - 26
497.49 MB
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Comments 8
 user avatar
Quote:I have been trying to download but it keeps streaming the episode, this is true for your whole site. Thank you for providing a service, I prefer it to the rest of whats out there. It is easy is a right click for me is really that bad lol

NelsonVe user avatar
I have been trying to download but it keeps streaming the episode, this is true for your whole site. Thank you for providing a service, I prefer it to the rest of whats out there.
yu user avatar
Episode 01 is have 2 Episodes
 user avatar
WHERE is episode 2?
FAZZ user avatar
I re-downloaded ep 11 and now it has subs. Looks like the problem was fixed.
FAZZ user avatar
There are no subtitles in ep 11.
 user avatar
1 and 2 are together i think
 user avatar
Episode 2 is missing
Rating  8/10 (4)
Romaji: Aquarion Evol
Japanese: アクエリオンEVOL
Release: 09.01.2012
Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Views: 9245 all rights reserved
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