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Aquarion Logos


Aquarion Logos thumb 0 Aquarion Logos thumb 1 Aquarion Logos thumb 2
Once upon a time, human voices had defined the true nature of all things, yet the invention of text changed the status quo, while creating a "Logos World" between the voice and the truth. Millennia have passed since then, advancements of civilizations have made the "Logos World" too big to control "texts." A group of young people dedicate themselves to counter chaotic "texts" with "Creative Voice Power," and among them, a boy named Akira Kaibuki living in Asagaya. ...Write Description
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Aquarion Logos - 01
728.96 MB
Aquarion Logos - 02
302.94 MB
Aquarion Logos - 03
309.2 MB
Aquarion Logos - 04
351.59 MB
Aquarion Logos - 05
309.53 MB
Aquarion Logos - 06
266.6 MB
Aquarion Logos - 07
374.44 MB
Aquarion Logos - 08
324.91 MB
Aquarion Logos - 09
254.93 MB
Aquarion Logos - 10
318.84 MB
Aquarion Logos - 11
294.45 MB
Aquarion Logos - 12
369.84 MB
Aquarion Logos - 13
414.18 MB
Aquarion Logos - 14
269.64 MB
Aquarion Logos - 15
299.8 MB
Aquarion Logos - 16
312.36 MB
Aquarion Logos - 17
376.48 MB
Aquarion Logos - 18
254.12 MB
Aquarion Logos - 19
249.64 MB
Aquarion Logos - 20
282.55 MB
Aquarion Logos - 21
344.18 MB
Aquarion Logos - 22
221.38 MB
Aquarion Logos - 23
300.54 MB
Aquarion Logos - 24
308.42 MB
Aquarion Logos - 25
321.3 MB
Aquarion Logos - 26
371.69 MB
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Rating  4/10 (3)
Romaji: Aquarion Logos
Japanese: アクエリオンロゴス
Release: 03.07.2015
Type: TV
Episodes: 26
Views: 5153 all rights reserved
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