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Comet Lucifer


Comet Lucifer thumb 0 Comet Lucifer thumb 1 Comet Lucifer thumb 2
Gift, a world covered in glittering blue crystals called gifdium. Sougo Amagi is a boy who lives in the town of Garden Indigo, which has prospered from the mining of these crystals. Sougo, whose hobby is collecting rare crystals, one day becomes involved in a dispute between classmates Kaon, Roman, and Otto. He wanders deep into the ruins of a mine and discovers an underground lake. There, Sougo meets a mysterious girl with blue hair and red eyes. Who is this girl, and what will their meeting bring? The door to an adventure opens with their newly formed bond. ...Write Description
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Comet Lucifer - 01
282.42 MB
Comet Lucifer - 02
279.86 MB
Comet Lucifer - 03
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Comet Lucifer - 04
264.87 MB
Comet Lucifer - 05
287.01 MB
Comet Lucifer - 06
290.64 MB
Comet Lucifer - 07
279.06 MB
Comet Lucifer - 08
219.25 MB
Comet Lucifer - 09
277.23 MB
Comet Lucifer - 10
249.51 MB
Comet Lucifer - 11
290.31 MB
Comet Lucifer - 12
257.78 MB
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Rating  7.6/10 (12)
Romaji: Comet Lucifer
Japanese: コメット・ルシファー
Release: 04.10.2015
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Views: 6135 all rights reserved
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