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Gangsta thumb 0 Gangsta thumb 1 Gangsta thumb 2
In the city of Ergastulum, a shady ville filled with made men and petty thieves, whores on the make and cops on the take, there are some deeds too dirty for even its jaded inhabitants to touch. Follow the "Handymen," Nic and Worick, who take care of the jobs no one else will handle. A new group attempts to muscle in on their block and the cops enlist them to weed out the upstarts no questions asked. The only thing is, theres a witness to the slaughter that they absolutely refuse to silence, so they decide to take her in instead. ...Write Description
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Gangsta - 01
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Gangsta - 03
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Gangsta - 04
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Gangsta - 05
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Gangsta - 06
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Gangsta - 07
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Gangsta - 11
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Gangsta - 12
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Eps. 3 is out for a while ... is it coming ?

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Eps. 3 is out for a while ... is it coming ?
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Rating  10/10 (4)
Romaji: Gangsta
Japanese: ギャングスタ
Release: 02.07.2015
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Views: 2428 all rights reserved
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