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Hidan no Aria AA


Hidan no Aria AA thumb 0 Hidan no Aria AA thumb 1 Hidan no Aria AA thumb 2
"Opportunities wont wait for you to be ready." – Aria Kanzaki

In the world of Hidan no Aria AA, there are special students called Butei who are authorized to carry weapons, investigate crimes and solve various incidents. One of the best of these students is an S-rank second year at Tokyo Butei High School named Aria Kanzaki. On the opposite end of the scale is E-rank first year named Akari Mamiya.

Akari absolutely idolizes Aria and wants to become an elite Butei just like her but sadly she just isnt very good and constantly fails her rank exams. One day she gets the bright idea to submit a request to become Arias Amica (assistant), despite her friends telling her that she shouldnt even bother due to the disparity in their skills. Surprisingly though, Aria decides to give Akari a test, which she not only accepts, but passes!

It wont be easy for Akari though, as before she can officially become Arias Amica shell have to work hard until she proves her value. Will Akaris dream ever come true or will she be forced to give up before she even has a chance to get started, and can Aria help this E-rank girl go from zero to hero?
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Hidan no Aria AA - 01
259.39 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 02
223.23 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 03
223.82 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 04
209.12 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 05
266.67 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 06
209.59 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 07
214.13 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 08
231.53 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 09
207.21 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 10
215.49 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 11
201.33 MB
Hidan no Aria AA - 12
235.71 MB
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Rating  5.7/10 (9)
Romaji: Hidan no Aria AA
Synonyms: Hidan no Aria Double A
Japanese: 緋弾のアリアAA(ダブルエー)
Release: 06.10.2015
Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Views: 3960 all rights reserved
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