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Maken-Ki! OVA

マケン姫っ! OVA

Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 0Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 1Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 2Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 3
The story is as follows, the Maken-Ki gang have gone to the beach to do raining. During their raining they encounter unexplainable enemies who have the power to drain their elemental powers. Everyone including Takeru come together to defeat the enemy but no one seems to notice the shadow lurking in the background. ...Write Description
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279.27 MB
Maken-Ki - OVA
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Blinedsite user avatar
Same gose for me. I dont have anything downloading and it will not let me download.
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sidekick user avatar
the download link dont work and i dont have another download in press when i try it.
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279.27 MB
Maken-Ki - OVA
Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 0Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 1Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 2Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 3Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 4Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 5Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 6Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 7Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 8Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 9Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 10Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 11Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 12Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 13Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 14Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 15Maken-Ki! OVA thumb 16
Maken-Ki! OVA cover
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Romaji:Maken-Ki! OVA
Japanese:マケン姫っ! OVA
Genre: Action Ecchi Harem Martial Arts School
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