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24 DEC 2016
Himekoi Sucreine! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 姫恋*シュクレーヌ!

Ryou entered a rather unusual private boarding school built in the middle of a forest. Even though Takaramori Gakuen had turned co-ed three years ago, there were not many boys possibly due to the school not being well-known and its long history as a girl’s school. He became the focus of attention from all the curious girls since he was the only boy in...
Shimai to no Amai Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 姉妹との甘い性活

The Hinata family who got an oversea trip at the shopping street lottery. Parents will go out in spring vacation, three people (Protagonist and sisters) will look after the house.A older sister and younger sister who are bitches think to use this opportunity to train a weak Protagonist manly. Protagonist that is set in various ways the body and the heart...
23 DEC 2016
Bokura no Himitsu Kichi Daisakusen -Escape Hito Natsu no Omoide - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ボクらのヒミツ基地大作戦 ~エスケープ ひとなつのおもいで~

Protagonist which changed school by convenience of the parents transfer. It is a reserved character, he was not able to become familiar with the classmates.One day after school to get the thing left behind, in the classroom men and women of several people talked for some reason. Secret story? The Protagonist tries to leave from the place, it is called to...
Sailove! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] さいらぶ!

Sakura is the brightest kid at school, pretty much the perfect individual. However, he does have one thing that he is bad at: love. His phobia gets tested daily as he constantly gets confessed to by the girls at school. One day, his classmate Aoba, a fellow outstanding student who has no interest in love, suggested that they pretend to be a couple. They...
Musuko ga Osewa ni Narimashita -Miboujin Kanrinin-san to Kaa-san to - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ムスコがお世話になりまして ~未亡人管理人さんと母さんと~

I who left the house to go to the university moved in the apartment where the widow of the obliging beautiful woman acted as a manager. It is a worn-out building and the uneasiness of first living alone, but with the character and charm of the manager done ahead, a trivial thing.However, when talking about the manager to relieve mother who is worried...
Doremi de Hajimaru Kyoshi Seikatsu -Sensei Kimochi Ii Desuka - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] どれみで始まる教師生活 ~せんせい気持ちいいですか~

Protagonist who graduated from college was appointed as homeroom teacher suddenly and transferred as a teacher. It succumbs by overwork and heat, the girl who became a class representative takes care of why.It was thought that it was unpleasant that the pupil frequents single man's room, the girl comes bravely every day.One day, Protagonist has...
Shotachin ni Aheru Kuro Gyaru -Masegaki ka to Omotte ita no ni - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ショタチンにアヘる黒ギャル ~マセガキかと思っていたのに…~

One day. I came home and I noticed that I heard an awfully sexy voice from living. I try looking at the situation quietly there the figure of the man and woman who has sex happily there... One is my father and the other is Riina, my sister's friend.Me who has surprised to the event of the remainder, in addition, it will be surprised. Apparently,...
Maji Mou Yamete yo! -Kasshoku Hada ni Kizamareru Katei Kyou Iku! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] マジ、もうやめてよっ…! ~褐色肌に刻まれる家庭狂イクッ~

After Kousuke as the main pillar of the family got laid off, several years have passed. While running through retirement allowance and parents inheritances, nothing was time was spent lazy. Daughter Yurika used to be a grandfather child, it becomes a disappointment delinquent daughter, it comes to go away from the house gradually. One day, Kousuke will...
Cleopatra ga Yattekita! -Gendai ni Kourin Shita Kodai Joou to Nure Suke Seiseikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161216] クレオパトラがやってきた!? ~現代に降臨した古代女王と濡れ透け性生活~

Fumitsuki Fumi, only reading is an ordinary hobby. While returning to the studio apartment from the office, it thought about the historical romance that went into recently.However Fumi, opened the door and doubted his eyes. Because there was the unknown shadow of a person in the room. Beautiful brown skin, a splendid body more that the gravure idol. The...
Tsukiakari ni Motaeru Harame - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 月明りに悶える孕女

Sasaki Souma, it returns home recently though it lived abroad for a little while, art dealer who set up individual art gallery. Though the marriage is recommended properly by parents, at present marryine are not thought by work priority.One day, it is made to hear from parents that the male cousin ​​have encountered a traffic accident. There seems to...
Honoguraki Toki no Hate Yori - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 仄暗き時の果てより

It was the forbidden summer. Gojou Kouichi is returning to his hometown island. His little sister who came to welcome him at the harbor, his parents’ guesthouse and the state of the town all appear to be unchanged. However, strange creatures have been appearing on the island. Every nightfall, a lone girl has been tasked to destroy these abnormalities...
Kyonyuu Daikazoku Saimin Kazoku Minna de Iki Makuru Sex ga Yamerarenainoo - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 巨乳大家族催眠「家族みんなでイキまくるセックスがやめられないのぉ」

Protagonist Mamiya Yuichi who failed the exam and was sending days that doesn't go well no matter what he does. However one day the life changed after he obtained a "penlight". Stepmother Mifuyu, sister-in-law Natsuki and Akiba and aunt Haruka. They are manipulated at will by the penlight "Hypnosis", it is made to the outlet of sexual desire. Several...
22 DEC 2016
Amenitys Life - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] Amenity’s Life

Reiji woke up early in the morning as usual and reached over in bed to check the time on his smartphone. To his surprise, there was a naked girl sleeping next to him instead. She told him that she was his smartphone and he didn’t believe it. His osananajimi Mikuri soon barged in and it took some time to get everything sorted out. Then he realized that...
Baldr Heart EXE - Hentai Games Cover


This is the fandisc for BALDR HEART, adding short stories and ecchi scenarios, as well as over 50 new stages and situations. There will also be new FEIs, including collaborations with other games, such as Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart‘s Patricia, ChuSingura46+1‘s Yasubei, Maitetsu‘s Hachiroku, and ALIA’s CARNIVAL!‘s Tsukuyomi. You can also...
Amakano Plus - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] アマカノ+

This is the fandisc for Amakano, with two episodes for each of the three heroines: a summer episode and a future episode culminating in marriage. It also includes other mini bonuses, like special commemorative voices and desktop accessories. Each heroine will get 5 H scenes.
Liber 7 Eigou no Owari o Matsu Kimi e - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] Liber_7 永劫の終わりを待つ君へ

Kouryoukan Academy student Naoto keeps a secret even from his closest friends. It is his ability to read and write into the memories of others by merely touching them. While he could have easily abused this power, he considers it too much of a bother and carries on his life as normal.However, threatening events began to frequently happen around him as...
Zettai Junshu New Kozukuri World - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ぜったい遵守★にゅ~こづくりわーるど

The dwindling number of children due to declining birth rates was a problem, but people continued on with their lives with only a slight concern. However, the world gradually began to notice an unusual phenomenon: no boys were being born. At first, people were optimistic that it was just a coincidence, but the birth rate for boys rapidly declined year by...
Mura Matsuri Momoiro Kikou - Onogoro-mura no In Matsuri 2 - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 村祀り桃色紀行 おのごろ村の淫祀り2

It is 10 several years later from a case brought to the village. Again by men of the mask, two or more men and womens have been kidnapped.Anzai Ren awakened the ability to predict after coming to this village, the partner Shioya Kana acknowledged the power, trying to be useful in Ren. And "Ceremony", it comes to request it intensely every day.While living...
Juicy ImoutoHentai Pakorikkusu -Mezase! Motekawa H na Onna no Ko - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] JuiCy妹☆変態パコりっくす ~目指せ! モテカワHなオンナノコ♪~

(I want to become a small devil girl!)Younger sister Ohana which comes to my room in the middle of the night and does a dumb declaration. To the magazine that Ohana brought that seems to be bad for the head, a dumb article got on."Motekawa(popular cute) girls of present day is a small devil girl ☆""Be prepared for a lot of lewd thinks ☆"Apparently...
Honey Select - 3D Hentai Games Cover

[160909] ハニーセレクト

With the most advanced technology, Illusion has invested heavily in the game. All characters, expressions, actions and scene have been thoroughly improved.Similar to Sexy Beach Premium Resort, players will be able to customized their perfect "girlfriends". all rights reserved
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