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01 APR 2017
Toshishita Gentei Nuki x2 Share-house -Shiborare Kyoudou Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[170331] 年下限定ヌキ×2シェアハウス~搾られ共同性活~

It is the Summer holidays but you are lazing around doing completely nothing. Suddenly, your grandma makes a call and asks for your help to manage a student dormitory as a substitute dorm manager.You agree to it and sets off for the dormitory. After arrival, you have an unexpected encountered with your childhood friend, junior from part time work, junior...
Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Haramu Toki 1 and AFTER STORY - Hentai Games Cover

[170331] 他の男の精液で孕むとき1&AFTER STORY ~襖の向こうで精液を注ぎ込まれている妻~

Three years since birth of Mizuho, child with blood of younger brother. Not to mention Emi of the wife, protagonist Hideaki also was doting on the daughter who did not have the connection of blood. The family who seems to be happy at a glance. However, Hideaki kept holding the worry about being sterile now. Though it tries to have a baby every day but the...
Zettai Kunshu! Saya-sama! - Hentai Games Cover

[150213] 絶対君主! 小夜様!

[This is my Master ...!?]With hard times for college-graduate job seekers it does not finding employment to a regular employment, protagonist lived by the part-time job of the daily employment. When you like always see the part-time job information magazine, there was an offer that is usually not saw.[The work that serves to master]What meaning on earth?...
Yumiko Mama to Tonari no Masao-kun - Hentai Games Cover

[141219] ゆみこママと隣のマサオ君

Yumiko ordinary full-time housewife who lives peacefully. However by fault of husband's impotence, a strong frustration was causing to be smoldered even though it is unawareness.One day Yumiko sees the large penis that doesn't suit the face of a pure heart boy Masao that lives nearly by a trifling having an accident... It becomes horny severely...
Tengoku Hime 2 -Haken Soudatsu Genyou no Shousei - Hentai Games Cover

[160325] 天極姫2~覇権争奪, 幻妖の将星~

Another crossover work featuring heroines from Sengoku Hime VI and Sangoku Hime IV with original story and new heroes.Everyone lives happily in the paradise Venard, where there is no fighting nor starvation. Generation after generation, the king governs the paradise by following the divine messages in the ‘Book of Prophecies’. However, one day these...
Slime Musume no Sodatekata - Hentai Games Cover

[160624] スライム娘の育て方

In the middle of a fierce war with demons, countless artificial life forms were being created in a certain lab as weapons against the demons. Among them was an organic life form (slime) which was deemed to be a failure and discarded after repeated terrible experiments. One young man took pity on the slime girl and secretly took her under his...
Senjou no Folklore -Boukoku no Kishidan- Additional Scenario - Hentai Games Cover

[140425] 戦場のフォークロア 追加シナリオ

Additional scenario for Senjou no Folklore -Boukoku no Kishidan
Sangoku Hime 2 -Tenchi Tairan Ransei ni Kirameku Arata na Haryuu - Hentai Games Cover

[120727] 三極姫2 ~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~

From an accidental thing, Imperial mark (Gyokuji) Protagonist Ginga who got it, I watched the future figure which oneself should follow by the power of the Imperial mark.With Kanu if you go to the Sichuan route...With Sousou in case of Wei route...In case of the Kure route, With Sonken...When it can be shameless, Such the future was seen.It is very cruel....
Netori Ou -Netori King - Hentai Games Cover

[140926] 寝取王 -ネトリキング-

Yamazaki who is big trader's director. The hobby plays golf and it devils it called the humiliation and stealing a lover.It is changed into the pleasure of highest for the person to deprive of the thing, it takes aim at one's prey in the look like the hunter also today. It compares it, even if it is my subordinate's important person...
NanairoClip - Hentai Games Cover

[161028] なないろ*クリップ

The remote island of Hoshimiga is located far south of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. It was rich with nature, being protected by the sacred tree, but it was now threatened by redevelopment. To protect the sacred tree and the island, they have to gather 5000 visitors for the sacred tree festival. It was a seemingly impossible task, but Shinji and his...
Namanushi-san to Offpako JK -Hamarareta Kurokami Seiso - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ナマ主さんとオフパコJK~ハメられた黒髪清楚~

Protagonist Oosaki Yuya who workes as an animation contribution have two faces.The first, face as animation contributor who popularity is rising.[It is lovely] [Talking is too good www吹いたwww] [The ear got pregnant]It boasts of popularity like a certain idol, gorgeous one side.The second, it meets JK by using my popularity, face in back where filming...
Monoshizuka de Bijin no Mama ni Gouin ni Kyousei Shaseisaserareru Boku - Hentai Games Cover

[150130] 物静かで美人のママに強引に強制射精させられるボク

An ordinary housewife Shizuha a peaceful safe life is sent. However the frustration has been accumulated secretly for a long time.One day a woman charm is unexpectedly praised from the son and a heart beats fast intensely... Nature of the Shota boy and me who loves the penis is noticed.An erotic mood is improved by the conversation as thrown into the...
Kawaii Imouto no Me no Mae de Netorareta Ore - Hentai Games Cover

[141121] 可愛い妹を目の前で寝取られたオレ

A certain day, elder brother who has used violence to protect younger sister. The male teacher shows up there, (It is true that the big brother used violence, if it doesn't want to be publicized by you, hear what i say!) The younger sister is raped as it is, the virgin is deprived.To protect the loved elder brother, younger sister who falls down to...
Kagura Douchuuki Sou - Hentai Games Cover

[141024] 神楽道中記

The story takes place in a deserted spa town. One day, the residents go missing one by one, kind of spirited away.... While police investigation doesn't go well, some more mysterious phenomenon happen. The police decides to hire two mikos to investigate the case. But they are totally different, like oil and water. Well, will they be able to solve the...
Isekai Otegaru Yuusha Konomi - Hentai Games Cover

[170331] 異世界おてがる勇者 このみ

Suddenly when noticing, Konomi was standing in a strange space. When she doubt where here is, a beautiful woman shows up to the presence.[I am a goddess, to our regret, you have died.]And the goddess said to go to the fountain of time to come back to life. In order to adventure in a harsh world, she is given a strong body and a tool with magical power and...
Uchuujin no Jintai Kaizou Bokujou - Hentai Games Cover

[160930] 宇宙人の人体改造牧場

Time is a present age. The stage, star far left from the earth "Human body remodeling ranch". Here a large number of beautiful womens captured on the earth remodel the body as sexual domestic animal and the breeding is done.
Fukouna Kaasan Toshi Awase Raburabu Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[160930] 不幸な母さんとしあわせラブラブ生活

That man... my old man was DV a man. I Years of several living alone like running away, i who became a university student will receive my mother. This is because that man makes a woman elsewhere and left mother. Mother consumed the heart and soul and cannot sleep at night, it was not possible to talk well by the depression condition.It lives together,...
Holy Breaker! -The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca - Hentai Games Cover

[150227] Holy Breaker! -The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca.-

Hinoue Itaru's visual novel project, with Kashida Leo as the scenario writer. A low priced visual novel that was initially sold at Comiket 87. You play as the protagonist Izumi Tsukumo, a second year high schooler who accidentally witnesses a fight between Tenma Minase, a witch, and Abeno Haruka, a demon hunter. The story focuses on Wicca and Paganism.
Holy Breaker! 2 -The Wish In The Night Of The Star Talers - Hentai Games Cover

[160129] Holy Breaker! 2 -The Wish In The Night Of The Star Talers.-

Sequel to Holy Breaker!, this VN will be first sold at Comiket 89. A few months after Tsukumo met the jet-black witch Minase, a new scheme began to take hold just when he had healed from the life-or-death battle. The gears of the world began to turn with his meeting with the German visitor Saten and subsequent clash with the ‘zero’ spiritual user Licht.
Hitozuma Kouzen Chijoku Densha - Hentai Games Cover

[150821] 人妻公然恥辱電車 ~携帯一つでお触り即ハメし放題他人の妻を粘着種付け寝取り~

Groping is OK any time, anywhere with a dream smartphone! Compulsory sex is a button press away!One day on the train a man is humiliated by a dubious accusation of indecent behavior.Via this phone that fulfills desires, he will have revenge.After an all-you-can-grope test that proves the phone is for real,the man turns to his attention to Shiori, the... all rights reserved
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