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09 SEP 2017
Uchi no Ichizu na Tsuma ni Kagitte -Jitakunai Netorare o Misetsukerareru Otto - Hentai Games Cover

[170908] うちの一途な妻にかぎって… ~自宅内ネトラレを見せつけられる夫~

A certain night when he was tired and slept. He awake from a strange sound. He do not quite understand, but feels like a voice. However, it is sleepy... Therefore, he was going to sleep as it was without worrying. He shut his eyes again heavily, the body is entrusted to the flexibility of the bed. When trying to give up consciousness. [Ha, ha......
Fuu-Gaku - Hisshuukamoku Haseijitsugi! H na Jugou de Wantsu Suteppu - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ふう☆がくっ ~必修科目は性実技! Hな授業でワンツーステップ~

Protagonist Ebisu Shirou immediately after graduation from the university, it was called from father who is called the Sex Service king who managed an innumerable Sex Service shops. [You, become a lecturer in our school.]The Sex Service school which support sex industry from a shade and produced a great number of popular casts. Fathers proposal will be...
07 SEP 2017
Netorareta Mama wa Suki Desu ka -Kyouiku Mama to Kateikyoushi - Hentai Games Cover

[170907] ネトラレたママは好きですか?~教育ママと家庭教師~

Kind husband and bright son. "Matsunami Kaori" The family is an irreplaceable treasure. Happy every day envied from who. However...
31 AUG 2017
Ane Love -Yoru no Boku wa Ecchi na Onee-chan no Omocha ni Naru - Hentai Games Cover

[170831] おね恋 ~夜のぼくはエッチな従姉のおもちゃになる~

Yuu has just started his sophomore year but his cousin, Rin, suddenly comes to his school to work as a trainee teacher. Since they haven't seen each other for a long time and Rin has become quite beautiful, he starts to see her as a woman. However, she still treats him like a younger brother.One day, he accidently picks up Rin's underwear and is...
27 AUG 2017
Kansen Saimin Virus -Tadaima Seieki de Kakudaichuu - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 感染催眠ウイルス ~ただいま精液で拡大中~

The protagonist is just a normal student, but an accident changes his life. He is infected with the "Hypno Virus". People with this virus become susceptible to hypnotism. Moreover, the virus is transfered through body fluids. He is going to infected the girls and do whatever he wants with the power of hypnotism.
26 AUG 2017
Hara Katsu! 2 -Kozukuri Ecchi de Onayami Kaiketsu - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] はらかつ!2 ~子作りエッチでお悩み解決~

There are women who depressedly want to have children in this world, either because of pressure from family, their passive husbands or something else. And the protagonist is the head of a office that helps these women through doing a certain "thing".In the beginning, the clients clearly disapprove, but the need for children gradually wins them over. And...
Blade x Bullet - Kinrin no Soleil - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] BLADE×BULLET 金輪のソレイユ

Valkyrie, the ultimate divine spirit weapon. Anyone who obtains its power can overcome the military of an entire nation. Deep in the North lies the closed city of Eljudnir, upon which many girls gather with varying aspirations. The last person left standing would be able to obtain its power.The resurrected Yagi met a girl who called herself Hela, the...
Renai Kyoushitsu - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 恋愛教室

Standing outside of the classroom, the protagonist took a deep breath and calmed his nerves. Once he summoned the courage to open the door, he was immediately surrounded by girls in the class who treated him like a rare animal. That is natural since this had been an all-girls school until last year. However, not all the students were receptive of having a...
Minato Carnival FD - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] みなとカーニバルFD

This is the fandisc for Minato Carnival’s Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road and Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami. There will be new stories for both games, with new heroines Yui and Lorri, as well as a cross-series scenario. There’s also a port for PSV game Kurogane Kaikitan and a mahjong game. Should be plenty for the fans.
Nyotai Ojoku -Yogosareta Onna no Kokuhaku - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 女体汚辱 ~穢された女の告白~

Today the news program also communicates various events. Be happy, interesting, sad and painful. The painful incident was telecasted today. It is unusual in Japan, however, it is not actually unusual. Three women's humiliation events went out over the air. Most people are not interested, or it forgets soon even if interested. However, for them, the...
Saimin Torotoro Operation -Innai Bikyonyuu Hokan Keikaku - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 催眠とろとろオペレーション ~院内美巨乳補完計画~

The protagonist is a psychiatrist. Everyday, he is oppressed by the females in the hospital. One day, he comes across a hypnosis technique. Using this, he can do any to the ones who harass him, the mature director, the genius doctor, the cheerful nurse and the cheeky student. And so, his lewd retaliation begins.
Kotonoha Amrilato - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] ことのはアムリラート

The high schooler Rin had just finished eating at the local shopping arcade when everything suddenly changed around her. The sky was dyed pink and she could no longer read the signboards nor understand what others were saying. Unable to make sense of the situation, she sat down dejected on the street.That’s when a cute girl who could pass for an idol,...
Wagamama High Spec OC - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] ワガママハイスペック OC

This is the fandisc for Wagamama High Spec, with after stories for all four heroines and new routes for sub-heroines Karen, Chitose and Yukari.
25 AUG 2017
Nyotai-ka Shitara Shouta na Otouto ga Hatsujou Shisugite Yabai! - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 女体化したらショータなおとうとが発情しすぎてヤバい! ~ひたむきに求められまくる同居性活がよすぎて心までおねえちゃんになっちゃう!?~

When I TSFed my Little Shota Brother got so Horny it's Crazy! Being desired so fervently and living together under one roof, even my heart turns Femmy!?Brothers living under one roof... The elder looking after the younger. But one day, some bathing powder turns Big Bro into Big Sis! There begins their days of chaos... the ideal elder brother turns...
Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase -Two Farce - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~Two Farce~

It won’t be long before the historic literature club will be disbanded as there’s just the protagonist and his kouhai Chisa left. Even as they worry about the club’s future, they carried on with their daily trivial exchanges in the club room together. And so, they became closer by the day.
Teakamamire no Danshi - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 手垢塗れの堕天使

Confident as opposed to a well-formed appearance confident and timid attitude the gap accepts, man idol Takikawa Tatsuya to who popularity explodes. He had a big secret. It is he having undergo plastic operation. Though it was him who undergoes plastic operation for one feeling he wants to associate with childhood friend Toono Rumi, the scout was done...
24 AUG 2017
Bakunyuu Onsen -Inran Okami Etsuraku no Yu Hen - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 爆乳温泉 ~淫乱女将悦楽の湯篇~

Naguro Seiji which was disgusted with every day live, landlady Enaga Yurie who has marked down when staying before is not forgotten, will have a thorough fight with her, to make all possible measures and preparations a long stay is decide.While making full use of different approaches to rape the landlady who has a plump body, in addition the hand is put...
Shinsou Seiki Elementia -Kutsujoku no Sennou Saimin - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 神装聖姫エレメンティア~屈辱の洗脳催眠~

There exists, a syndicate of darkness by the name "EVIL". Performing piracy, slavery, and all manners of crime throughout the galaxy... Using advanced technological prowess they invade undeveloped planets and their next target for pillaging is an energy source existing on Earth. "ELEMENT"Our heroine, Nozomi Kisaragi, is a warrior of justice named "Element...
Mob Saimin - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] モブ催眠

Protagonist Takemochi Morio with normal height and build, the grade is normal, the movement is also the same. The house is a normal home of very usual. There is no characteristic that seemed to be characteristic. A certain day, when you help a man who is worrying, a suspicious flute that can change me is handed. When using it while doubting it, it is the...
Tsun M! -Gyutto Shibatte Shidoushite - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] ツンえむ! ~ぎゅっと縛って指導して~

On the bed in my room, being arranged in a disorderly manner like a public execution, erotic book and AV... moreover, the stock for the SM play lover. I am tied up and beaten with a whip, a muzzle is put.(SM why!?)It is Saki who is angry in front of me. She is my student and girlfriend. Is it hit finally...? When trembling, Saki has presented the towel... all rights reserved
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