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22 DEC 2016
Venus Blood -Ragnarok - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] VenusBlood-RAGNAROK-

The sequel to Venus Blood -Frontier-After the disappearance of Loki & Odin.The descendant of Loki is trying to succeed the throne as the king of chaos.
Ryuukishi BloodySaga - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 竜騎士Bloody†Saga

Humans are no match for the powerful dragon, who could mow down everything with a swing of its tail or send everything flying with a flap of its wings. Not even an army of the strongest soldiers could stop the dragon. However, there was a hero who was able to accomplish the task. He became the king of a nation surrounding the mountains where the dragon...
21 DEC 2016
Hame Pako Ou-sama Game! -Goukon Izakaya Hen - Hentai Games Cover

[161223] ハメパコ王様ゲーム! ~合コン居酒屋編~

"Kanpai!"Four glasses clinked over the corner table at the izakaya.Tonight you left all thoughts of finals behind and got to know each other proper. It wasn't your ordinary "nomikai", but a proper date: two guys, two girls.What they call an "aikon".Where strangers drink with their future lovers... if only lovers for that night. The more booze, the...
19 DEC 2016
Hofuku Saimin - Hentai Games Cover

[160729] 報復催眠

A prestigious private girls school where girls of good familys gather. In the past, parents of the Protagonist who ran a small company is cornered and committed suicide leaving a small amount of money. The Protagonist who survived various difficulties and became a teacher of the school. It know that there is the company daughter who chased his parents to...
04 DEC 2016
Saimin Eye Drops - Hentai Games Cover

[161202] 催眠アイドロップス

Akira Wakatsuki was coping with a serious day-to-day struggle. His father had recently passed, leaving behind a gorgeous second wife, Manami, who brought her hot daughter Karen to live together with Akira under one roof. Manami has been showering Akira with love regardless of the fact they're not actually related, meanwhile Karen does him favors with...
01 DEC 2016
Mahou Senshi Nekusuto Igunisshon - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 魔法戦士ネクストイグニッション

Devil Mettsar of Parallel world which demanded conquering the whole nation by force was Sealed before, magic warriors who win peace. However the gate to Hell is newly opened, to invade the ground it is schemed.Though the magic warriors who notice the movement and ambush, it is not possible to work effectively, it is defeated on the contrary at demons who...
30 NOV 2016
Deretsun Onee-chan no Ecchi Lesson -Ijimechau no wa Aishiteru kara Nanda yo - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] デレツンお姉ちゃんのエッチレッスン ~イジメちゃうのは、愛してるからなんだよ?~

Mutsuda Minaki is neither my lover nor a childhood friend, it is an older sister who lives usually together. My of younger brother saying, it is a perfect and charming woman.Though i am looked after amazingly, strangely meany Sister. I think that i am often played with more often recently then a long time ago somehow...One day, it is when i had...
ManIn Orc Densha -Ku! Ninmu Janakereba Konna Basho - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 満淫オーク電車 ~くっ! 任務じゃなければこんな場所…~

Existence of many "Parallel worlds" have been confirmed a long time ago. Survey and research of each world, in the age that came to be managed, one new threat arose.The name of the threat "Demon Kingdom". Monsters committing various crimes cause evil deeds with ability to cross the world.To oppose such a demon kingdom, it was made, the one called the...
28 NOV 2016
Watashi HENTAI ni Natchau -Kore ga Akogare no Ryuugaku Seikatsu! - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ワタシ、HENTAIになっちゃう ~これが憧れの留学性活!?~

In train under going to school. A golden hair has jumped into view. Overseas student that has changed one's school recently, Cheryl Maier. Though it doesn't come to sticking, it is in the place where an unexpected big breast seems to touch soon. The shake of the vehicle by amazing power together.―― Several days after Cheryl moves in passes,...
Niizuma Fuwa Toro Iya Yarashi Este Mainichi ga H na Lucky Trouble Happening - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 新妻ふわトロ癒やらしエステ 毎日がHなラッキー×トラブル×ハプニング

I am Renji, a new face of first-class esthetics shop "Konfo-ko".Though a newborn life was started as a beginner masseur, it is every day of the chore routine that waits for me, the baptism of a severe society.A certain day, the chance that the madam of celebrity was able to be massaged due to the manpower shortage came. Feelings are restrained, massage of...
Hakudaku no Himekishi -Hatenaki Ingoku no Kaisenkyoku - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 白濁の姫騎士 ~果て無き淫獄の回旋曲~

Somewhere not here the earth where a lot of races live, the rivalry between families occurred successively.Recently, demons are bundled by a powerful king called Devil King, it gathers force. Human on the contrary, being made to a race who is weaker than another. Though it cooperates between countries and makes a union country.Such an inside, the princess...
Himitsu no Itazura - Kazoku ga Amarinimo Miryokutekina node Kossori xx Mirukotonishimashita - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 秘蜜の悪戯 ~家族があまりにも魅力的なのでこっそり××してみることにしました~

I was worried. To the family "Woman" coming to consider. Do not have such feelings. It is bad. However, the more it tries to suppress it, the more the desire strengthens, it becomes impossible to suppress.The sleepless night continues, i who wastes away visit the hospital, the sleeping medicine is prescribed. And i hit on.Sleeping medicine... If you use...
Kinshin Kousai Kurabu - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 近親交際倶楽部

One E-mail that reaches original of Protagonist Asano Masaki who is ordinary member of society. It, group of people who hold incest desire "Close relative association club" the invitation. They tie up temporary relationship between a child and parents among members, it is said that an artificial incest has been satisfied.It worries sexless with the wife,...
27 NOV 2016
Ore ga Kousoku! Nakadashi Igai wa Kousokuihan!!! - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 俺が校則!中出し以外は校則違反!!! ~女子校生全員中出し完全制圧計画~

The school where Protagonist Hiriya Seita commutes, "Physical education department" and "Culture department" there is the school building of two. Though Seita originally entered the physical education department, it doesn't keep playing a game starting with a certain accident, it moved in to the culture department on the way. A cultural department in...
Mama no Oppai -Ore no Doutei Milk ga Shiboritorareta Ken - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ママのおっぱい ~俺の童貞ミルクが絞り取られた件~

The parents family of Protagonist Mikimoto Makoto is a Bookstore in a rural area that continues at three generations. However mother is lost early, when graduating from elementary school, father is also loses. Present Makoto in the favor by stepmother Ayame help, the shop has come to handle mainly adult goods.To Makoto there are two women who can say...
Chikan Da -Shinri Councelor Meika no Shinryou Kiroku - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 痴漢堕 ~心理カウンセラー芽衣香の診療記録~

Kashiwazaki Meika Clinical psychologist(Counsellor) who works for psychic treatment internal medicine in Tokyo, it is made hearing the molester speak from experience from women who visited as a molester victim.The molester person who they encountered, infested place, molester's way, the inclination.Meika is interested in molester person's action...
Ojou-sama Gakuen Cosplay Harem-bu! Kyou wa Dono Fuku de Ecchi Shiyokka - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] お嬢様学園こすぷれハーレム部!「今日はどの服でエッチしよっか?」

Originally though the young lady school to which the lady from the good family commutes, private star school that went coed recently. Protagonist Yuuki Shouta that frequents there, schoolboy who grew up in general home where laundry is managed.Though he is in the pubescence where it is anxious for the girl as a man, the virtuous young ladys keep a...
Gokukano! -Tama Torasetemoraimasu! - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ごくかの! ~タマとらせてもらいます!~

Though it is somewhat forcible, student council president Nakamaya Kurea who more than others regards person and acts. Man of the world Hashiguchi Ayane who supports Kurea by energy and vision that comes off commonly. And i student clerk Sugano Fumihiko.This student council of three people. "In a claptrap interaction" arrangement, the school is always...
Enkou JK Bicchi Gyaru Ojisan to Namapako Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] エンコーJKビッチギャル オジサンとなまパコ性活

Protagonist is an ordinary without hesitation man. The empty life was spent with the high pay.One day by working away from home reverse-nan was done by two bitch girls.Bright black bitch girl and neat group white bitch girl of the friend, devil group bitch, pure bitch, loli cool bitch, the bitch daughters show up in succession before protagonist...
26 NOV 2016
Otome ga Irodoru Koi no Essence -Egao de Orinasu Mirai - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 乙女が彩る恋のエッセンス ~笑顔で織りなす未来~

Protagonist Naoto is employed as the second chef in the mansion of one of the most prominent families of Japan. The family’s only daughter attends a prestigious all-girls school and one day her odd behavior caught the attention of Naoto’s employer. Since the school has a vacancy open for the position of a cook, Naoto is directed to take up the... all rights reserved
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