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24 AUG 2017
Seishukujo e no Aiiku Choukyou -Somerareru Junketsu - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 性淑女への愛育調教 ~染められる純潔~

[A terrible smell]This is a section that falls outside the castle, the area where the poor people live mainly. A mountain of garbage that was raised to hide behind the building. A small shadow buried in the garbage has come into view.[You, are you a woman?]To my word, the girl who became a little dirty nods deeply. I brought back the girl. Go back to the...
Ryouchi Kizoku - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 領地貴族

Siegfried is the fourth son from a small poor noble family who won some land thanks to his battle contributions. He founded a new Maired clan and ruled over a vast territory in the southern part of the kingdom. He thought that it would be a pleasant and relaxing life, but he wasn’t ready for the amount of work that was involved. Of course, there’s...
Mamono no Inen -Otosare Haramasareru Naedoko Monogatari - Hentai Games Cover

[170825] 魔物の淫宴 ~堕とされ孕まされる苗床物語~

The world after the Demon King was defeated.Trudr, who tried participating in the subjugation, lost her livelihood due to the unexpected end of war in the early stages. She somehow persevered, becoming a treasure hunter.At such point of despair, hearing of a rumour regarding a cave which contained large amounts of gold and silver jewels, which the former...
14 AUG 2017
Haruoto Alice Gram - Hentai Games Cover

[170630] 春音アリス*グラム

Seiryou Gakuen is a popular high-ranked school in the seaside city of Minato which prides itself on the latest facilities and student independence. Since a year ago, it has been managed concurrently by the student council and the new entrants council.Soutarou is a second year student who is part of the ‘twilight club’ (tasogare-bu) that was formed...
Sin Kourin Tenshi En Ciel Rena -Reincarnation - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] sin 光臨天使エンシェル・レナ –REINCARNATION–

Mystery event that happens frequently in the near future. Tomomamuru Reina involved to the event, encounters a woman Erika who fights the monsters of mystery. Then the Echelier card that Erika has reacts to the secret power of Reina and transformed Reina, monsters are driven away. My power is conscious, Reina that determines to fight. However, Reina falls...
Fuyu Uso -Snow World End - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] フユウソ -Snow World End-

This is the fourth and final game in Campus’ Uso series, focusing on Setsuka. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands, Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus, and Eris didn’t find what she was looking for with Shizuku.Everyone lies, whether it be...
04 AUG 2017
Ijimekko no Bakunyuu Haha Gachi Haramase Seisai! - Hentai Games Cover

[170804] いじめっ子の爆乳母ガチ孕ませ制裁! ~ドSな女社長ママをエロ酷いことで悦ぶドMオナホにしてやった♪~

The mother of a bully is an arrogant and sadistic CEO bitch! Use the power of your young and virile dick to rain a shower of humiliationdown upon her! Here begins your gapeface inducing, masochistic faphole rendering NTR counterattack against the bully (and his mother) that injured you!She may thinks she can cover up her bully son's misdemeanors, but...
31 JUL 2017
Shin Koihime Musou -Kakumei- Souten no Haou - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 真・恋姫†夢想-革命- 蒼天の覇王

Gi version of the Shin Koihime † Musou - Kakumei series. The Kakumei series aim to deepen the story of Gi, Go and Shoku in a restart from 0 with new scenes and stories for esxisting and new heroines routes. 24 new characters announced(some of them already made debut on Eiyuutan series) for a total of 73 heroines, over 200 CGs, more historical battles...
Ouchi ni Kaeru made ga Mashimaro Desu - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] お家に帰るまでがましまろです

“Hey, are you all right?”Kanon held out her hand to Ryou, who had collapsed on the ground in the park. Left without a home after being kicked out, he was taken in by her and given a place to stay in exchange for working at her pâtisserie, “Marshmallow Tree”. The shop had been very popular before she had become the owner, but now it doesn’t get...
Doutei Kui -Hitozuma no Akunaki Inyoku - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 童貞喰い ~人妻の飽くなき淫欲~

Protagonist, Takuma was like this for a long time. If you notice... It comes to like older woman. Is it because there is sex appeal of the adult woman than girl of the near age... The anxious woman nothing but the older. First sensei of school. Next is friends mother. And now... the married woman who lives close by, it is not possible to take ones eyes...
30 JUL 2017
Uwaki Biyori -Datte Kareshi to Suru yori Kimochi Iin da Mon - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 浮気日和 ―だって彼氏とするより気持ちいいんだもん―

Kuji Kaede who frequents the Shisui school, examinee who aims for National Universities. Because the first sexual intercourse with the boyfriend was not too pleasant, [The sexual intercourse that i was requesting is not this] it despairs. She wants to taste the severe pleasure that makes her breathing difficulty, she ask her sister Azusa who has many sex...
Tsuki no Michibiki Kumo Haruka - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 弓張月の導き雲はるか

In a world where humans and dragons co-exist, there are those called ‘dragonmasters’ who can be contracted with a dragon as their partner since they can communicate with them heart-to-heart as a result of their strict training. Claude aspired to be a dragonmaster, but even after completing his training, he had yet to find a partner dragon. One day,...
Namaiki na Seitou Kaichou no Himitsu o Abake -Sumaho ni Virus o Shikakete Yaritai Houdai - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 生意気な生徒会長のヒミツを暴け ~スマホにウイルスを仕掛けてやりたい放題~

When it is a Otaku it will be ridiculed Protagonist, classmate and student council president Fuyumi. One day Protagonist humiliated in front of a classmate promises revenge. The friend who had gotten acquainted with on the net developed, it steals a glance at the smart phone content. The spy virus that can do the hacking of the camera, it installs it in...
Hatsujou Sprinkle - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 初情スプリンクル

Souta is a second-year student at Seirei Gakuen who has an extraordinary sex drive. Even as many students (mostly girls) kept their distance away from him, he still pressed on with his pointless actions to achieve his goal of a fulfilling erotic school life. He was marked as a dangerous person by most people and at risk of being outcast by society. But it...
Niizuma Koyomi - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 新妻こよみ

Calm rural area where the bus comes only several times a day. One day Protagonist is training aiming to be a ceramic artist, he mets a girl. And the two become pair of lovers and marry before long. However, the marriage is not the end, it is a new begin!Surrounding people watched them warm, two that became married couples, every day is a treasure. In calm...
29 JUL 2017
Choukou Shinki Ixseal - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 超昂神騎エクシール

Tsuguhiko is an aspiring eroge writer who is actually the reincarnation of the demon king. He bides his time as a normal student while awaiting for his reawakening and chance to take over the world.However, he was attacked by the valkyrie Ixseal on that long-awaited day, who had come to exterminate him. He managed to escape, but he was betrayed by his...
Kyonyuu Do Sukebe Gakuen -Shoujo-tachi no Tomaranai Koshi Tsukai - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 巨乳ドスケベ学園~処女たちの止まらない腰使い~

With the thing that anyone has the crossroads of life. And it has happened to Shouta.Because it took a late train accidental then always, it has known secret of the sadist womans who are famous as huge breasts girls in the school. They, actually all, it is a virgin...!!Thanks to knowing the secret, i will be played with as their sex toy. However, even i...
Aoiro Note - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] アオイロノート

Takuya entered Shikizaka Gakuen this spring. One day after school, he saw his classmate Misora inconspicuously putting up a club recruitment poster in the empty school building. With a cool aura and seemingly hard to approach, the beautiful Misora was the talk of the class since the first day. However, she is actually quite shy and the image that had been...
Hatsujou Sprinkle - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 初情スプリンクル

Souta is a second-year student at Seirei Gakuen who has an extraordinary sex drive. Even as many students (mostly girls) kept their distance away from him, he still pressed on with his pointless actions to achieve his goal of a fulfilling erotic school life. He was marked as a dangerous person by most people and at risk of being outcast by society. But it...
Hyakki Ryouran no Yakata - Hentai Games Cover

[170728] 百奇繚乱の館

Aoyama Yoshito is a university student in the folklore studies faculty.When Yoshito was chasing after his faculty lecturer he ended up in a particular area, got himself lost in a mountain far from human habitation and finally arrived at a certain Western-style mansion.This mansion was owned by the immensely wealthy and prestigious old Chinese family, the... all rights reserved
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