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26 NOV 2016
Natsuiro Koi Uta - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 夏彩恋唄

Kazuma grew up under the strict guidance of his great-grandfather. However, he was labelled as unfit after a childhood illness, and regained his freedom with the subsequent lessening of the controls which had been forced upon him. This strict environment was abolished when his great-grandfather passed away a few years later, and his imouto Ayaka, who had...
Aki Uso -The Only Neat Thing To Do - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] アキウソ -The only neat thing to do-

This is the third title in Campus’s Uso low-priced series, focusing on Eris. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands and if Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus.Four years ago, Souichirou came upon a girl under a row of maple trees, with boys twice...
Support Ari Shoujo - Hentai Games Cover

[161028] サポありショウジョ

I Oda Naomasa which has met the girl of the dating site by force. The next day, when waiting while doing nervous, having appeared in a promised place, uniform JK. Moreover, it is said to have sex with me by four people that comes forward.[Having previously promised with this uncle, because i!][If you like, may transfer to me now?][Suzu too. Suzu too with...
Kimi no Karada wa Uso o Tsuku - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] キミの身体は嘘をツク。

Okonogi Yuuto, former honor student who fails on going on to school. The transfer is ordered by parents for the reasons of disreputable, it will change one's school to an ordinary school in local.Then, he it is rejoined with the childhood friend who has betrayed it before. To Yuuto that is puzzled, childhood friend Tomoko, reunion is pleased with a...
Low Spec! -Ore to Toshishita Kanojo to Seikyouiku! - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] Lowすぺっく!?~オレと年下妹(カノジョ)とせいきょーいく!~

Reiji is the acting manager of the Shidou cram school and also acts as the guardian for its students. As their ‘onii-chan’, he looks after his imouto Riina, his best friend’s imouto Miko and close sisters Hane and Sora. However, they grow cuter and more ladylike day by day, unintentionally arousing him to his limit. Will he be able to keep his hands...
Namanushi-san to Offpako JK -Hamarareta Kurokami Seiso - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ナマ主さんとオフパコJK~ハメられた黒髪清楚~

Protagonist Oosaki Yuya who workes as an animation contribution have two faces.The first, face as animation contributor who popularity is rising.[It is lovely] [Talking is too good www吹いたwww] [The ear got pregnant]It boasts of popularity like a certain idol, gorgeous one side.The second, it meets JK by using my popularity, face in back where filming...
Gakkou no Seiiki - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 学校のセイイキ

Youhei’s older sister Yaeka is his homeroom teacher. She looks dignified as a teacher, and is very popular amongst the students. However, she’s always drunk at home and leads a very loose private life.His classmate Maika is a transfer student who is into all things Akiba. She always invites him after school to go walk around Akiba. He’s gotten used...
Aki Uso -The Only Neat Thing To Do - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] アキウソ -The only neat thing to do-

This is the third title in Campus’s Uso low-priced series, focusing on Eris. It follows the scenario of what happens at Mahoshi Gakuen if the magic contract didn’t end up in Satsuki’s hands and if Souichirou had protected Aoi from being taken over by the succubus.Four years ago, Souichirou came upon a girl under a row of maple trees, with boys twice...
Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 枯れない世界と終わる花

Shou and Ren arrived at a beautiful town full of colourful flowers. They met the three sisters Haru, Kotose and Yukina, who run the cafe “Famille”, and he starts working there in exchange for a bed to sleep in.In the middle of the night, Shou follows Haru far away from the town to a hill covered with flowers as far as the eye could see. He watched as...
25 NOV 2016
Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Renai - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] スキとスキとでサンカク恋愛

Ever since his father’s remarriage when he was a young child, he has lived with his stepsister Nanaru, while enjoying a happy otaku life with his childhood friend Maho and the rest of the otaku club. However, this everyday calmness was broken with the return of his real imouto Suzu one month before summer vacation. She was pretty much the perfect...
Yomegami - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] よめがみ

Hayato was a transfer student who arrived in New Masado City in the fall. He is the reincarnation of the God of Terror Angolmois who had went on a rampage in the Heavens and was sent to the human world to atone for his sins by doing good deeds. Under the tutelage of his ex-goddess mother Iris, he lives a peaceful life as a upright and earnest young...
Ryakudatsusha no Inen - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 略奪者の淫宴

Boys usual every day, it was abruptly destroyed.By the band of thieves that attacks the village, the family was massacres. For mother and elder sister, it was the plaything by the thief's boss before death. And the boy, the only living remained. As a slave of the band of thieves.I ask oneself in the heart while grasping a fist so that the blood is...
Moto Kokumin-teki Idol no Hitozuma o Mecha Hame Haramase - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 元国民的アイドルの人妻をメチャハメ孕ませ ~若いオスの肉オナホペットになって年甲斐もない格好で寝取られ受精懇願~

My neighbor Misa Harada quit the glamour of the idol world to start a family. Now she's older but still fit af with a body that don't quit. Too bad her husband quit paying attention. Too bad for the husband, that is!We got to know each other through our kids and I took her drinking. Had to remind her she's still very much a woman. Plundered...
Honoo no Haramase Oppai Ero Appli Gakuen - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] 炎の孕ませおっぱい★エロアプリ学園

Protagonist Majime Masato, the very usual erotic second grader that frequents Hitotsu Sakura school.(Shameless perverted Majime-kun from girl it is famous.)One day, from the shammy black cat that helped "Smartphone of erotic love" have been given, he have raised a level by job change from erotic student to perverted students!At Hitotsu Sakura school is...
Netorarenai -Aisuru Kanojo ga Musunda Midarana Keiyaku - Hentai Games Cover

[161125] ネトラレンアイ ~愛する彼女が結んだ淫らな契約~

Because she was a beautiful flower... her soiling was all the more unbearableThe scheme of a piece of human garbage! The obscene downward spiral of a lover! She trusted a man and he broke her into a four-legged wretch in this forbidden cuckold story!Yuki Nasukawa has gorgeous hair, speaks in gentle whispers, with perfect breasts and a purity she vowed to...
13 NOV 2016
Chou Bakunyuu Mama ga Yudanshi Sugitaken - Hentai Games Cover

[160527] 超爆乳ママが油断し過ぎた件

To the house of ordinary housewife Madoka who spends peaceful every day, the evil kid of the neighbourhood made the son a dashi and it came to play. Evil kids view, chest of Madoka, it was an owner of a super-huge breasts that came off commonly.
12 NOV 2016
Onee-chan ga Nandemo Shite Agechau - Hentai Games Cover

[161111] お姉ちゃんが「なんでもして」あげちゃう

Summer vacation. While his parents are gone, his sexy neighbors come to housesit and babysit. His schedule in their hands: dinner, bathtime, bedtime. From the moment he wakes up to the moment he falls asleep, the onesans are duty-bound to take good care of him. Who knows whatll happen!"Why... why is this happening to me!?"You wake up to an empty house and...
Tonari no Shinkon Hitozuma o Hamedori Netori Haramasei Katsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161111] 隣の新婚人妻をハメ撮り寝取り孕ま性活

The newly wed wife next door... she's kind, lovely, faithful and most importantly has big tits and a great ass. Going to have the greatest time filming as i steal her body... and heart.You see, i caught her doing naughty on camera and now she's all mine. That horny hotty will do anything to conceal the truth from her hubby and what's even...
08 NOV 2016
Kairaku Kairai - Momokawa Hinako - Hentai Games Cover

[160527] 快楽傀儡 ~桃川雛子~

Protagonist Ozaka Kyouhei that goes to high school. He reached the age of puberty to classmates who were full of beautiful women and did not concentrate on studies this year.A certain day, it is criticized to have looked at the girl of the class by girls, the foot is unexpectedly taken when starting on one's return home while while suffering mental...
Kashidashi Tsuma Marina no Netorase Houoku Gaiden 2 OL Marina no Doutei Choukyou - Hentai Games Cover

[160527] 貸し出し妻、満里奈の“ネトラセ”報告 外伝2 ―OL満里奈の童貞調教

It graduates from the school, marina that will work as clerk of construction company. Boy Tsutsujimori Shou of part-time job that entered simultaneous it becomes intimate.Affection buds while accepting the consultation of said that I am not confident, To lover's relation if you notice. To him who was the male virgin, Marina shows the technique of... all rights reserved
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