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28 DEC 2016
Ou no Mimi ni Todokanai! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 王の耳には届かない!

The village of Baarle is situated in a corner of the Reste Kingdom, near the border. The protagonist Cactus used to be part of the ‘Izayoi Knights’, also known as the ‘Ears of the King’, but he left after a certain incident. He quickly turned into a useless person and roamed across the country until he arrived at Baarle. Now he serves as the...
Zannen na Ane to no Love Comedy - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 残念な姉との幸福論

Miyuki’s father is a gambler, his mother lives apart from them, and he’s close to being kicked out of school if anything goes wrong. However, he’s pretty happy with his life, being surrounded by his two older sisters and noisy friends.On New Year’s day, when he and his sisters went to the shrine to make their wishes, their father jumped out from...
26 DEC 2016
Hakui no Tenshi wa Osewa Suki! -Love Love Ecchi na Nyuuin Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 白衣の天使はお世話好き!~ラブラブ♡エッチな入院生活~

Ryou is a member of Soukou Gakuen’s powerful soccer team. One night, he was out running in preparation for the upcoming summer tournament qualifiers. Along the way, he helped an older woman who had dropped her keys, met another who was eating a huge bowl of ramen, and chased away some drunks who was harassing another. As he was about to return to the...
25 DEC 2016
Inraku Relaxation -Hosoi Yubisaki no Technique - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 淫楽リラクゼーション ~細い指先のテクニック~

Protagonist Arata Satoshi who went to earpick shop and massage shop to heal tiredness of daily transportation work. One day a waist is hurt by work and demand help to the first shop.It doesn't examine properly and it has entered. The "Anriru" shop... It is lewd for a moment, the esthetics shop that changed for a moment. If been satisfied with by the...
Tsukiakari ni Motaeru Harame - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 月明りに悶える孕女

Sasaki Souma, it returns home recently though it lived abroad for a little while, art dealer who set up individual art gallery. Though the marriage is recommended properly by parents, at present marryine are not thought by work priority.One day, it is made to hear from parents that the male cousin ​​have encountered a traffic accident. There seems to...
Kichin no Mesunie -Ikuta no Mashu to Inbaku no Okite - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 鬼鎮の雌贄 ~幾多の魔手と淫縛の掟~

A young couple who decided to move to a certain rural village. Residents brightly accept the married couple, it was a place that was opposite to the closed-fashioned image of the countryside.However... There was a part that had gone mad definitely in the village. That is "Demon paying". A crazy event where several young women are selected from the village...
24 DEC 2016
Akiyume Kukuru - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] あきゆめくくる

In the near future, there are certain people who have special abilities due to the artificial DNA, “XNA”, inside them. The government decided that six of these boys and girls were especially dangerous and transferred them to a newly constructed school where they would remain confined until their graduation.However, the conditions to graduate from...
Yuusei Tenshi Primaveil Drei Dark Mission - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 遊聖天使プリマヴェールDrei ダークミッション

This work is a sequel work of "Yuusei Tenshi Primaveil Drei".
Gakuen Saiingoku -Kyouki to Haramase no Utage - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 学園催淫獄 ~狂気と孕ませの宴~

The event to shake Japan woke up. "Many female student at Eikigaoka school are pregnant" This event that was spelt all over the newspaper, it was picked up on TV and the net every day, the newscaster puts new information one after another on the electric wave.The criminal is already caught. However, how it is executed is not understood. The schoolboy who...
Meguru Sekai de Towanaru Chikai o! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 廻るセカイで永遠なるチカイを!

The Amazumi Shrine in the mountains had suffered a great fire, but has since recovered. The four sisters who live there, Akiho, Minatsu, Mafuyu and Harune, were battling apparitions for the first time when they met a strange man Nayuta, who did not remember anything but his own name. He joins them in their fight and helps them bring the shrine back to...
Hatsukoi Sankaime - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 初恋サンカイメ

Everyone has experienced first love and it is a truly bittersweet experience. Taichi had also fallen in love once, but it ended very painfully for him. Two years later, he was ready to take a step forward and fall in love again. Just when he was about to begin his new relationship with a girl who he fell in love with at first sight, the ghost Rin...
Koi wa Yumemiru Mouretsu Girl! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 恋は夢見る妄烈ガール!

Ren is a nice guy who moved with his parents to the town of Mioka, where he had once lived as a young child and met his first love. He left a so-so impression in his first day in class, and just as he was about to head home, it began to rain hard just as forecasted. When he arrived at the school’s entrance, his classmate who sat in front of him,...
Himekoi Sucreine! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 姫恋*シュクレーヌ!

Ryou entered a rather unusual private boarding school built in the middle of a forest. Even though Takaramori Gakuen had turned co-ed three years ago, there were not many boys possibly due to the school not being well-known and its long history as a girl’s school. He became the focus of attention from all the curious girls since he was the only boy in...
Shimai to no Amai Seikatsu - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] 姉妹との甘い性活

The Hinata family who got an oversea trip at the shopping street lottery. Parents will go out in spring vacation, three people (Protagonist and sisters) will look after the house.A older sister and younger sister who are bitches think to use this opportunity to train a weak Protagonist manly. Protagonist that is set in various ways the body and the heart...
23 DEC 2016
Bokura no Himitsu Kichi Daisakusen -Escape Hito Natsu no Omoide - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ボクらのヒミツ基地大作戦 ~エスケープ ひとなつのおもいで~

Protagonist which changed school by convenience of the parents transfer. It is a reserved character, he was not able to become familiar with the classmates.One day after school to get the thing left behind, in the classroom men and women of several people talked for some reason. Secret story? The Protagonist tries to leave from the place, it is called to...
Sailove! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] さいらぶ!

Sakura is the brightest kid at school, pretty much the perfect individual. However, he does have one thing that he is bad at: love. His phobia gets tested daily as he constantly gets confessed to by the girls at school. One day, his classmate Aoba, a fellow outstanding student who has no interest in love, suggested that they pretend to be a couple. They...
Musuko ga Osewa ni Narimashita -Miboujin Kanrinin-san to Kaa-san to - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ムスコがお世話になりまして ~未亡人管理人さんと母さんと~

I who left the house to go to the university moved in the apartment where the widow of the obliging beautiful woman acted as a manager. It is a worn-out building and the uneasiness of first living alone, but with the character and charm of the manager done ahead, a trivial thing.However, when talking about the manager to relieve mother who is worried...
Doremi de Hajimaru Kyoshi Seikatsu -Sensei Kimochi Ii Desuka - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] どれみで始まる教師生活 ~せんせい気持ちいいですか~

Protagonist who graduated from college was appointed as homeroom teacher suddenly and transferred as a teacher. It succumbs by overwork and heat, the girl who became a class representative takes care of why.It was thought that it was unpleasant that the pupil frequents single man's room, the girl comes bravely every day.One day, Protagonist has...
Shotachin ni Aheru Kuro Gyaru -Masegaki ka to Omotte ita no ni - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] ショタチンにアヘる黒ギャル ~マセガキかと思っていたのに…~

One day. I came home and I noticed that I heard an awfully sexy voice from living. I try looking at the situation quietly there the figure of the man and woman who has sex happily there... One is my father and the other is Riina, my sister's friend.Me who has surprised to the event of the remainder, in addition, it will be surprised. Apparently,...
Maji Mou Yamete yo! -Kasshoku Hada ni Kizamareru Katei Kyou Iku! - Hentai Games Cover

[161222] マジ、もうやめてよっ…! ~褐色肌に刻まれる家庭狂イクッ~

After Kousuke as the main pillar of the family got laid off, several years have passed. While running through retirement allowance and parents inheritances, nothing was time was spent lazy. Daughter Yurika used to be a grandfather child, it becomes a disappointment delinquent daughter, it comes to go away from the house gradually. One day, Kousuke will... all rights reserved
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