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nyaaHENTAIS v9.1.1 20 March 2017, 11:28

Hello have made a CMS update for faster load times.


Made some edits on the style -  templates.

Fixed bug in doujin area the index was not working right.

PHP code for index file new made for faster load times.

When you see errors please mail to

Site Server maintenance Complete 16 June 2016, 12:53

Hello have the Server maintenance Completed.

PHP Update

Mysql Update to 5.6

PHP code Optimizing

Fixed Search

Hope site is loading now faster when you see errors please post a comment.

Have Fun

yu @ nyaahentais

Site Server maintenance. 13 June 2016, 19:56

Hello have done a mysql and php update and changes on the site source code and mysql db.

Site will load faster now, when you see errors leave a comment.

nyaaHENTAIS v9.0 21 May 2016, 11:29

Hello nyaaHENTAIS v9.0 is now online.

Many bug fixes and a new style hope you like it.

From now on all content from rareanime and 3dhentais, is from now on nyaahentais.

You can select under hentai movies and hentai games area from now on 3D as "show content".

And will add new 3d stuff in the next days.

When you find bugs please send me a mail or leave a comment.

nyaaHENTAIS doujinhi updates 12 March 2016, 04:21

Hello preview server is right now down preview site is running over backup server.

So i can right now not update stuff on the preview server need to wait for the preview server to be up again.

Before i can add new doujinshi and manga.

Nyaahentais Preview Site Errors 08 March 2016, 16:11

Hello think many have seen image errors and more on nyaaHENTAIS preview site, the server had a crash and tech is fixing it right now i think preview site will work soon like before. Members server is working fine.

nyaaHENTAIS V8.1 Online 16 February 2015, 18:34

Hi v8.1 is online now.

New Features:

Full mobile and tablet support and desktop support for 1024px width.

All streamable video files now too in 360p for mobile.

Doujinshi, hentai manga and magazin image slideshow.

Server side gzip support on for faster site load.

Stream Player:

Backup stream player, modus button for html5 and flash (default is flash), hd toogle button (default is 360p).

And many small bugfixes in js, css and so on.

When you find errors send me a mail or post a comment so i can fix it.

Working on mobile version updates soon 13 February 2015, 22:55

Hello just let you all know why there where no updates in the last weeks.

I'am working since 01.02.2015 on the mobile - tablet - responsive version from nyaahentais.

Have found many errors in javascript and have them fixed, js is working now on touchscreens no errors anymore.

Have converted all streamable video files to a 360P version for the mobile users, you can then select HD or 360P over the player.

Server gzip support is now on, many files like js and css will be minify, working now with spritesheets and sass.

Have added a slideshow for the doujinshi - hentai manga gallery, watching images was never so easy.

Made many small changes on the style and script for better support.

Working right now on the templates making them responsive 85% are done all will be ready for upload in 2-3 days.

After that will i add latest updates so many new stuff to add ^^

Help to fix bugs 30 January 2015, 13:49

Please add a comment when u find a error or bug or not find stuff u found befor.
This version have all thinks like befor just new style but content and featured are the same.

So when u not find the fixed bottom navi, order by, search or other stuff you found befor, then please say what browser u have what os or mobile device and more infos that help to fix it. But have js on is required for this version.

nyaaHENTAIS V8 Online 30 January 2015, 09:49

Hi nyaahentais v8 is now live.

Made some edites like better search, playlist on stream player, many js features, new design and some more.

Hope you like the new version leave a comment is fixed to news comments now work.

Have a nice day later will i add the new hentai games. all rights reserved
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