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nyaaHENTAIS V8 Online

30 January 2015, 09:49

Hi nyaahentais v8 is now live.

Made some edites like better search, playlist on stream player, many js features, new design and some more.

Hope you like the new version leave a comment is fixed to news comments now work.

Have a nice day later will i add the new hentai games.

DMCA removed content

07 November 2014, 20:11

As many have seen many animes from rareanime and some from nyaahentais have been removed.

We got DMCA reports and need to remove them.

Hope will not be more.

CMS SEO Update V3

24 April 2014, 18:53

Have edited some stuff and now nyaahentais is but old url works to.

When u see errors or bugs please mail me.

CMS SEO Update V2

07 February 2014, 03:36

Made a second seo update made all links new, made html code clean and added a five new features.

When u find not working links please send a mail to so i can fix it.

Users can now add descriptons or edit my description to make it better.

Will then unlock them.

Have Fun

yu @ nyaahentais

CMS SEO Update

01 February 2014, 00:04

So have now all updates done last think was the Seo update to get better resultes on google co.

From now on i can make more content updates.

Have Fun

yu @ nyaahentais

CMS bugfix

28 January 2014, 15:14

Have fixed some bugs.

Reports are working now.

Avatar Upload is working now.

Edit and Delete from Comments is working now.

Have Fun

yu @ nyaahentais

Comiket 85 Update Notice

22 January 2014, 05:09

Working right now on Comiket 85 will have it online in 4 days.

Sorry for the long delay but was working on the cms and design.

Release Infos:

Over 350 Doujins from Comiket 85

Small Update on CMS and Notice

21 January 2014, 19:13

Have removed all target _blank links.

When logged in as member then the nyaa networks links will direct you to the members area of the site no need to login anymore.

Small Notice:

Will update 36 Animes on the day to Uncensored.

Have fun

yu @ nyaahentais

nyaaHENTAIS V7 Online

21 January 2014, 00:44

Made a cms security update coded many thinks new so if u see errors / bugs please send mail to

New bbcode system is online with much better functions and works now really good.

Made new Design and Templates is now simple and better to navigate.

Bonus section will get online have coded it complete now and all is working.

The Bonus section will get Anime, Hentai Movie, Hentai Game, AV and Idol Content.

The Content will then be Online for 1 Month.

The content will be deleted at the end of each month.

We will add new Content each subsequent month.

You can see what each next month get online over "Bonus > Next Month Preview".

On 10.02.2014 will the preview get online.

On 01.03.2014 will first bonus downloads get online and preview for next month.

Have made edits on the Related code have removed doujin related made to many errors.

Anime related is now new made and set Manuel.

Have Fun

Yu @ nyaahentais

nyaaHENTAIS V6 Online

02 November 2013, 03:05

nyaaHENTAIS is now with V6 online when u see errors please mail me e-mail can be found at page bottom.


Updated connection limit is now 16 Connection per IP.

Now video mp4 download will trigger the download and not browser stream, just the stream button will stream the video file.

Made some bug fixes.


Site is now on a new server hope it makes all thinks faster.

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