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16 OCT 2017
Honey Select - english with mods - 3D Hentai Games Cover

[160909] ハニーセレクト

With the most advanced technology, Illusion has invested heavily in the game. All characters, expressions, actions and scene have been thoroughly improved.Similar to Sexy Beach Premium Resort, players will be able to customized their perfect "girlfriends".In the Honey Select and mods pack is:Honey SelectHoney Select - AddonHoney Select - PartyUpdates to...
14 OCT 2017
PlayHome - 3D Hentai Games Cover

[171013] プレイホーム

It resounds to the home, lovely voice of shame and pleasure...
13 OCT 2017
Mahou Shoujo Fairy Flower - Hentai Games Cover

[171013] 魔法少女フェアリーフラワー ~正義の心を巨根で挫け!エロ酷いことし放題!孕ませオナホな最強ヒロイン達の絶対忠誠ハーレム♪~

Use your cock to corrupt these magical girls to the ERO SIDE!They used to fight for PEACE but now... now they just fight for PENIS! Your deep dark desires attracted the attention of the Fairy Queen, Beatrice and she decided to give you power beyond your dreams... and in your DICK!Use your new found power to challenge the Fairy Flowers in despicable...
MC - Saimin Kenkyuu - Hentai Games Cover

[171013] M.C.催眠研究

Full remake of M.C.The hero is Takesato Masaru. He's the last member of Cucumber study group, a school club that research a big variety of things. One day, he get a book with a special power causing hypnosis to those reading some special pages. Using it and researches on hypnosis by his senpais, he will try various experiments on his girl classmate...
Saimin Appli de Netori Hame -Kore made no Urami Yari Kaeshite Yaru! - Hentai Games Cover

[171013] 催眠アプリで寝取りハメ ~これまでの恨み、ヤり返してやる!~

"Misawa Kouta" has poor appearance and introverted character. Therefore it is neglected in the class, there was no harm done.A certain day, the chore was pressing to Kouta, by errand he will talk to "Shibasaki Ayaka", the moment when face of Kouta was seen, Ayaka has tumbled down from the chair by surprise.[Hey, what are you trying by pushing over my...
11 OCT 2017
Osananajimi wa Kakure Do M -Hentai Choukyou ni Sasottara Dohamari Shichatta - Hentai Games Cover

[171006] 幼馴染は、隠れドM ~変態調教に誘ったらドハマりしちゃった~

Kouda Minato of the next house, is Arima Kouhei's childhood friend.Every morning, she enters from the veranda window and wakes me up, i have not seen Minato as a woman and Minato have not seen me as a man.Our relations, is childhood friends to the last, not more and not less.This morning, when walking to the station as usual.[Indecent... Is it...
04 OCT 2017
Oni ga Kuru -Ane ga Hinshi de Pinchi Desu - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 鬼がくる。~姉がひん死でピンチです~

The goddess Kohime appeared before Haruto to save his sick older sister Haruko. However, she wasn’t able to save her since he did not have enough faith. He devoted his time to increasing his faith, but Haruko mistakenly thought that Kohime was taking his little brother from her. She responded by doting on him even more than usual. Meanwhile, Kohime was...
01 OCT 2017
Shin Hoka no Otoko no Seieki de Harande mo Ii Desu ka 3 - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 新・他の男の精液で孕んでもいいですか…?3 浮気手記に綴られた快楽の爪痕

Protagonist Masato and the lover Sayaka got acquainted about a couple of years ago. Home date is done repeatedly every day though the school is different, love has been brought up. Autumn of the third grader, Masato and Sayaka participate in the joint drama play at the student lifes end. However, at the back stage rehearsal, Masato doesn't notice the...
Toumei Ningen - Iregui Chuuzou - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 透明人間 挿れ喰い仲三

Protagonist Hirumada Chuuzou who was a chemical teacher at the private narumisawa school. Though the medicine that became the Invisible Man had been researched secretly beforehand, using the furnishings of the school for private research was find out, furthermore, because sexual harassment from the past was also a problem, it becomes fired.Hirumada who...
Yuganda Uso no Koi to Letter - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 歪んだ嘘の恋とレッテル

Maki used to be lovers with his osananajimi Saeko and they would imitate what adults would do. However, one time they had sex and she ran away from the town because of it. Immediately he was blamed for the incident and labelled as a ‘monster’. Many years later and now in his second year at school, those rumours have still persisted.On the day of the...
Bitch na Gal ga Shojo de Nani ga Warui - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] ビッチなギャルが処女で何が悪い?

Miyagishi Shouma will change school because of parents work. [What is transfer student-kun it is low-spirited.]When it is not possible to become familiar in class, the girl of class talked to me. After that, Shouma is interested in the gal girls. There are a lot of gals in the class if seen properly. Though Shouma became happily with the gals, he was...
Soredemo Tsuma o Aishiteru 2 -Jokyoushi Tsuma Marika no Baai - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] それでも妻を愛してる2-女教師妻・茉莉花の場合-

A sports teacher who has a nice looking attitude and a winning character. The main character "Amami Yuuto" who had been thinking of her for a long time confesses just before graduating as a student. Although he was once shaken, Marika accepts finally his confession with enthusiasm.Happy days pass from then on..."I got married some time ago and we...
Dolphin Blade - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] Dolphin Blade -ドルフィンブレード-

“Dolphin blade” is a marine race sport featuring girls in swimsuits on motorized float shoes. It is especially popular in Yamato, the 81st island district of the United Federation.Kousuke is an employee at the leading Aihara Electronics Corporation. His business performance was excellent thanks to sweet-talking his boss and he appeared to be on the...
Mono no Aware wa Sai no Koro - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] もののあはれは彩の頃。

All Japanese people know the rules of e-sugoroku: roll the dice, move your piece, aim for the finish. However, for Akira and those around him who have also lost their memories, they have become the ‘pieces’ in a world that mimics this game. They have to compete with each other to be the first and only one to reach the finish line and escape the...
30 SEP 2017
Ama Ie - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] あまいえ

Masaki was informed by his employer that he was to be transferred to the city of Rokujou, far away from Tokyo. As he was preparing for the move, he received a request from his parents to live with his aunt and her family while checking up on how her marriage is doing. He was reluctant to interfere with other people’s business, but finally relented under...
Onii-chan Migite no Shiyou o Kinshi Shimasu! 2 - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] お兄ちゃん、右手の使用を禁止します!2

Hiroto lives with his four cute imoutos. One day, his father called him back home and unexpectedly introduced him to his new twin step-sisters. One of them is a famous idol, and the other is a popular cosplayer. He enjoys a happy life surrounded by six pretty imoutos fighting for his attention.However, one day he injured his right hand protecting his...
Hoshi Furu Yoru no Farnese - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 星降る夜のファルネーゼ

There once was a "good witch" who used magic to bring prosperity to the world. The people were grateful to her and enjoyed her benevolence. However, a "bad witch" appeared and incited the humans to kill her virtuous counterpart. With the powerful and wise "good witch" no longer around, the "bad witch" was free to do as she pleased.The people suffered as...
Sakura Hitohira Koi Moyou - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 桜ひとひら恋もよう

Haruta calls himself an ordinary student, but he still had not gotten over his first love, who was actually his imouto who he never knew he had. A new school year had arrived and everyone at his school, Souto Gakuen, was talking about the rumoured merger with Houjou Gakuen. The school’s founder and chairman had passed away suddenly last year and the...
Iyashi no Megami no Marmot - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] 癒しの女神の実験台(モルモット)

After working continuously in a shady business, his body and soul are in shambles. As he was walking without an umbrella in the rain, a woman called out to him:“Have you been comforted lately?”Arriving at the address on the business card he had received, he was enlisted as a ‘massage model’ (also known as a marmot) at the comfort industry...
Onee-san Technique -Seikyouiku to Hatsutaiken - Hentai Games Cover

[170929] お姉さんテクニック ~性教育と初体験~

Summer is coming this year as well. Protagonist Shirasagi Toru is going to become an adult this year. Only failed until now. However, in area where Protagonist live, there was a system of highest "For the male virgin of certain age, the brush lowering is done".And Protagonist, the brush lowering will be done from three women... all rights reserved
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